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Academic Research 

Currently, I am a PhD researcher at De Montfort University, awarded with a full scholarship.

My research title stands at the moment as A Transpractice Methodology for Dance Conservatoires - The Dancer Training Within an Integrative Approach.

I am looking at existing ideas on transdisciplinarity discussed by Experience Bryon (2014, 2018) and Basarab Nicolescu (2008), as a way to develop an integrative training methodology and choreographic approaches that can be utilised by UK dance conservatoires.

I would argue that a Transpractice methodology could provide the means of finding the integrative performer that Byron theorises, within dance conservatoire training. Where the technique and creativity do not just lie in the "dance box", but transcend and integrate with other disciplines, such as theatre, circus, music. It would epitomise the idea that our bodies are fully integrated and capable of navigating between many different practices, combining and mixing them to transform into something unique to each performer.

Artistic Research & Projects

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