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hoME is a project about identity. It is research looking at people’s ways to establish their identity looking particularly into the identity via the place they live, their houses. According to Rakoff (1977), building an environment can be conceptualised with meaningful social and cultural objects that are used to demarcate the space. 


The necessity to establish identity can be seen with people using different objects and settings to built and decorate their home. ‘There are two types of identity: identity of the object and identity with the object.’ (Benswessi,1987). One of those objects that people use to build their identity is the place they live.


According to Clare Allan (2014), on an article for The Guardian, the place we call home it exists beyond the four walls becoming an extension of ourselves. She goes further arguing that a home is a place where memories become part of it and without the space, she lives her memories could have not existed.  


During this research, I invited 4 female performers from different countries and backgrounds with the intention to explore what and how each of those performers built their identity in relation to the place they live. How their homes can be used as a place to self-expression and to help on building their identity.





  The idea for the project is to have a non-set where there are no walls or doors with just a blueprint drawn on the floor with 4 different spaces.  Each space represents each ‘performers home’. They will be surrounded by objects that most speak about their stories and they relate as part of their identity.





Nora Monsecour

Isabella Dubroka 

Kate Forster

Misato Shimmuzi

Ben King

Fernanda Prata


Home can be a room inside a house, a house within a neighbourhood, a neighbourhood within a city, and a city within a nation. At each level the meaning of home gains in intensity and depth from the dialectical interaction between the two poles of experience—the place and its context at a larger scale . . . Home is a place of security within an insecure world, a place of certainty within doubt, a familiar place in a strange world, a sacred place in a profane world. It is a place of autonomy and power in an increasingly heteronomous world where others make the rules. 

- KIMBERLY DOVEY, “Home and Homelessness,” in Home Environments -


Allan, C. (2014) Home is identity- Moving is complicated. The Guardian Online (assessed on 10/ 09/2018)  


Benswessi, A.H (1987) A Study of the concept of identity: towards an architecture as a harmonious identifiable fabric. P.h.D. thesis, University of Penn, U.S.A

Dovey, K. (1985)(eds) Home Environments. New York: Plenum Press



Research Project Commissioned by CDD via Northern School of Contemporary Dance

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