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A response to Sonia Boyce's critically acclaimed multimedia installation Feeling Her Way

Using improvisation and pre-set material,  performers from the MA Interdisciplinary Dance Performance at NSCD, negotiate the gallery space, giving form to the thinking, sensing and feeling behind the artwork. Created in collaboration with directors Phil Sanger and Fernanda Prata. 

Project commissioned by Leeds Art Gallery and Northern School of Contemporary Dance


Direction: Fernanda Prata and Phil Sanger

Costumes: Andi Walker

Performers: Lauren Armour/ Naomi Berry/ Alexandra Bierlaire/Linda Borella/ James Cheng/ Francesca Costa/ Magdalena Gornikeiwicz, Samantha Markam/ Taine McKinstray/ Rebecca Pegg/ Gian Singh Sanghera Warren/ Fernanda Sumray/ Xintian Zhao

Special Thanks: Sonia Boyce, Leeds Art Gallery, Angela Thompson, James Else, Anna Williams and Northern School of Contemporary Dance.

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